Cat pee adventures

When Frogmorton first joined us, he’d pee in his litter box, but after a while he took to peeing in the bath instead, and we had to wash this away, and not liking this much we put various plastic tubs around the house for him to pee into instead.
This worked well enough, until this week Frogmorton decided to pee in the bath, just around the plughole. This meant that his pee was invisible (unlike when it was at one end of the bath) but still incredibly acrid, leading to all sorts of fun where you tried to figure out where the stench was coming from. What lawks!

However, after all this he’s started peeing in the litter box again, possibly because my wife put twice as much litter in there as usual, and he likes a deeper level of litter for peeing into.

Or he’s just messing with our heads.

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