Catching flies

True to his name, Froggy loves to catch flies, and there were two of them buzzing around the house today. One he chased back and forth until, exhausted, it settled on a high window where I could get it with the fly swat. The other he took down by the window ledge, leaving me to clear up afterwards.

This is a great side benefit to having a cat, on top of him being a lovable huge lump of gray fur, capable of purring like a monster.

This evening the girls went to a Norwegian parade, where armies of schoolchildren March and bands play music. I went last year but cried it off this time to go play Blood Bowl, and lost 2-1. Was that a result of neglecting the parade? A marching band went right past where I was playing the match, so I can blame them for my lack of concentration.

And home to bed, to sleep in the cool of the basement while the air con runs on, and on, worlds without end…

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