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  • To the pumpkin patch and beyond

    Having hired a ludicrous car, we had transportation today, and so after a rapid breakfast we drove out to Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Patch, an agritourism attraction about 40 minutes from Seattle.

  • Arrivals

    Today was when all our belongings were scheduled to be delivered. I was told the van would arrive some time between 10am and 1pm, and I was also expecting a couple of packages from Amazon (our new toaster, kettle, vacuum cleaner, iron and coffee table) so I got in an Uber and rushed to our […]

  • A short walk in the woods

    This morning I hired a car from Enterprise in Ballard. There are two Enterprises in Ballard and I accidentally ordered an Uber to the one I didn’t intend to go to, but luckily that was actually the one I was meant to go to, so a bit of carelessness pays off.

  • Blood Bowl and Bainbridge

    I got up this morning, let the chickens out of their henhouse so they could run around their coop, walked a few blocks over to find an espresso (not to my liking – either badly made or over roasted) and a fairly solid salted caramel tart, and walked back to play a couple of games […]

  • Househunting

    This morning I went to view some houses in Seattle with a realtor. First, we went to look at townhouses. There are lots of these. They are all three or four stories, narrow, with rooms stacked up on one another, and since we wanted to move to Seattle to get some more space, none of […]