This morning I went to view some houses in Seattle with a realtor.

First, we went to look at townhouses. There are lots of these. They are all three or four stories, narrow, with rooms stacked up on one another, and since we wanted to move to Seattle to get some more space, none of them are particularly appealing.

Then we quickly looked at eight more houses. These varied:

Utterly depressing. You’d walk in and immediately lose all hope for your life. Was it the malignant shade of magnolia on the walls? The low ceiling? The sense somebody had been smoking for 25 years?

Lovely, but… The bedrooms are nice, the kitchen is smaller than our old kitchen in Singapore (eight square feet). The kitchen is nice but there’s a labyrinth between it and the dining table. The basement is nice but upstairs is horrible (or vice versa). The house is nice but it’s $80,000 outside our price range. The house is OK but it’s already been sold.

And then two or three I really liked. All different, all in different areas, but each promising. So hopefully either I can make a decision before my wife arrives, or we do so pretty quickly next month, and then I can report back on where we’ll be staying, and how much fun hiring a contractor for renovations can be..

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  1. It’s hard. But I reckon there’s alway one that screams out at you – buy me, I’ll be a perfect fit.

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