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  • Chaos Cup Day 2

    A day after I left Chicago, enough perspective to write it up… I have a theory that Blood Bowl doesn’t bring out the best in people. It brings out the most, the essential part of you. If you’re a kind and sportsmanlike person, you’re that, but more so. If you have anger management issues, it […]

  • Trains and national character

    Today I was up in London at the office, near Warren Street tube. I had a good day, met lots of people, learned different things, and then in the evening headed down to the Tube to get back to Victoria. The train jerked to a half five seconds after it began to pull out of […]

  • Day 1, Year 2

    Today was the first anniversary of the start of my new job, and so I got a balloon to commemorate it. (I’m also wearing the same shirt and trousers as a year ago, and the same socks – not sure about the underpants, because I haven’t been assiduously colour coding them with the rest of […]

  • Trumped?

    I woke today to further Donald Trump controversy, as a recording was released of him being disgusting ten years ago, in earshot of George W Bush’s cousin. I’m not sure if it was the Overton Window or just that I’m jaded,but I couldn’t understand what the fuss was about. Trump had said so many awful […]

  • Irresponsible superheroes

    On the way home from the track, we fell to reminiscing about TV programmes of the 80s; classics like Air Wolf, Street Hawk and Manimal, that bizarre classic where through the simple power of heavy breathing, a man could transform himself into any animal he chose. Although mostly he chose to be a bird, possibly […]

  • Running on pizza and random thoughts

    Tonight, after dining on nutritious pizza, I went out running. I didn’t feel like going down to street level so I ran around the running track on the 26th floor of our building. I was trying to run 200m sprints, but since the GPS on my watch doesn’t work so well when there are huge […]

  • We’re not friends any more

    Tonight I was planning on going onto Facebook and sifting out all my friends from all the casual acquaintances, ex work colleagues, people I went to school with twenty years ago and random adds, and deleting anyone who isn’t a real friend. I’m not sure if this plan was born from simple misanthropism, a desire […]

  • An early night

    Wednesday is track night, or it would have been if I’d felt in any way ready to spend half an hour hoofing it round in circles. But this evening I felt unusually tired, and so instead I went home, put the child to bed, and then sat on the sofa, a rather broken man.

  • Out of touch

    For me, one of the most aggravating paradoxes of modern life is my inability to communicate, given how hyperconnected we are now. Growing up there was no internet in our house, and one telephone line (without even an answer phone until I reached my teen years) in the house. No voice mail, no call waiting, […]

  • This didn’t happen: a short history of time wasted

    For a time, when I was bored or couldn’t sleep or had nothing better to do, I would play Solitaire on my iPod. This was a dreadful thing, in so many ways. The user interface was miserable: move virtual playing cards around an inch-high screen by rubbing your thumb in circular motions. It was boring. […]