I woke today to further Donald Trump controversy, as a recording was released of him being disgusting ten years ago, in earshot of George W Bush’s cousin. I’m not sure if it was the Overton Window or just that I’m jaded,but I couldn’t understand what the fuss was about. Trump had said so many awful things already that it felt strange that finally people were saying this showed he wasn’t a suitable presidential candidate.

Then there were the people draping themselves in their daughters, saying that they couldn’t support Trump and look their children in the eye. They were fine last week with “Miss Piggy” remarks? Should everyone who doesn’t have daughters not be offended at this point? All the disgusting things he’s said about his daughter when she wasn’t even a year old, that was fine but this isn’t?

And of course Trump himself, trying to argue what he said ten years ago was just the loose talk of a callow youth and he’s matured since then. Sorry, but I figure by the time you’re sixty your views are probably quite calcified. Who is going to believe 71-year old Trump is somebody much wiser and more respectful of women than 61-year old Trump?

I wonder what fresh horror tomorrow will bring.

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  1. Yep, it was a very unedifying site watching the Donald and Hillary on stage, trying to win votes by going for the lowest denominator.

    DT brought in four-women who have always claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Bill (his photo at the debate now doing the rounds), and personally attacked by Hillary. One woman was 12-years-old when she was brutally raped by a man, and there’s a well-known tape of Hillary laughing about how she got him off, even through he passed his polygraph, which “destroyed her faith in polygraphs” forever. Their foundation has accepted millions of dollars over the years from countries, like Saudi Arabia, that have the most disgusting human rights records on gays and women. Ok, what else … Wikileaks proves that she colluded with the DNC to ensure Bernie Sanders “never had a chance”, so has no regard for the political process. She was heavily involved in Benghazi and the plan to arm rebels to overthrow Gadaffi, and later gave an interview where she laughed about getting him killed. She’s repeatedly called for escalating conflict with Russia, most notably saying that Russian aircraft should be shot down over Syria. Wikileaks even confirms that Clinton orchestrated the rise of ISIS, selling and funnelling them weapons, as part of a proxy war involving Gulf states to topple Assad. And, on top of that there’s a New York bestseller and documentary called Clinton Cash, which exposes how utterly fraudulent and corrupt the couple are, and the pay to play scandals.

    But hey, despite all this – the mainstream media, want to ignore all this, and constantly complain that DT is unfit for office because he can be somewhat salacious, and lacks the political correctness gene. South Park did a brilliant episode on the debate the other week – The Douche vs The Turd. Basically sums it up.

  2. Damn, I knew I’d missed something .. there’s a huge scandal about Clinton using a private server to access classified and sensitive material, and when subpeoned she bleach-bit 30k emails, and is under FBI investigation. If it wasn’t for the fact her name is Clinton, she’d already be in jail by now. I’ve never in my life seen such bias in the mainstream media against a political candidate. Hillary’s scandals and crimes completely ignored, but anything DT says is scrutinized and blown out of all proportion.

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