Running on pizza and random thoughts

Tonight, after dining on nutritious pizza, I went out running. I didn’t feel like going down to street level so I ran around the running track on the 26th floor of our building. I was trying to run 200m sprints, but since the GPS on my watch doesn’t work so well when there are huge buildings blocking out the sky, I had to estimate it by pacing it out, and then when I ran what I thought was 200m and managed it in 36 seconds, I realised I was probably going a bit short. So I ran 12 150m sprints (I guess – I must go back out with a measuring wheel at some point and clarify this) and then went down to street level to fetch some cash from the bank.

I took La Serpiente to school today and she was admirably well behaved, not demanding to be carried at all. She even walked up the stairs to the entrance of the school on her own – this is something that’s normal when my wife takes her to school, but my lack of disciplinarian powers means she walks all over me. Usually. If she deigns to walk at all.

School is good for her though, as it exposes her to new and different cultural values. For example, tonight in the bath she was singing

“I’m a ballerina, short and stout, pick me up and pour me out”

She’s going to be singlehandedly redefining the world of dance (and song) in 20 years time, if I have my way.

Today at work I had lots of interviews. I like interviews because I get to talk to new and different people, with new and different views on the world. One of my favourite interview questions is to ask people how they run interviews, and one of my interviewees told me how a sign he looked for in a candidate was whether they were actively learning new things. Anyone can talk about being intellectually curious, but you need to find ways for them to back this up with facts. I began to worry that I haven’t learned much this year apart from how to dance (a bit) and not many words in Spanish. Still, there’s seven and a half months to go. On a whim, I signed up for a course in computational finance. Because that’s the kind of exciting guy I am, I suppose.

My second interviewee said at one point “we millennials are the most tech-savvy generation” which I resisted getting in a rage about. In older times I would have screamed in her face “tech savvy, are you? How do you program a ZX Spectrum then, you insignificant child!?” but I’ve realised that it’s time to mellow out a bit and understand everyone has their own journey to follow. Besides which, technology is only stuff that was invented after you were twenty years old, so everyone can just shut up.

I will have more to say about shutting up soon. But first I’m going to shut up.

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  1. Ha ha I have started running sprints recently and my Forerunner is hilarious. The first time I told it to have me run 100m, it said I took 24 seconds and I almost gave up and went home for the day. I imagine it is something to do with the gaps between sending data? I’m trying and failing to Freegle my trundle wheel now I have measured out a proper 100m. It takes me between 16 and 17s so I don’t think your 36s for 200m is unrealistic? If anything, you might have been a bit long?
    Good ballerina song.

    • GPS don’t always fare too well with sprints – I think the issue is that most of them only record data every 3 seconds, to save space (but I may be half remembering something from a decade ago that’s no longer true). A 24 second 100 metres would be pretty grim, although now I’m relating that back to my times at the track and that’s basically what I do (although for quite a few repetitions every lap) – so on that basis I’d be 20% slower than I was as a 13 year old. Hmm. Have I just depressed myself?

      • My track 100m time was 29-30s last time I looked. My sprint is 1s faster than myself as a 13 year old, although in those days we ran on lumpy grass and I wasn’t in training in those days :-/

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