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  • Swimming Lesson #30

    Today I had a fairly major achievemebt: I swam for 40 metres without stopping. Well, technically I swam one length of a 20 metre pool, and then swam straight back again, but that’s the furthest I’ve ever done in one go. Last weekend I swam eight lengths of a 25 metre pool, so in some […]

  • The outdoor indoor track

    This evening I ran from the office to the National Stadium, a not particularly pleasant mile and a half along the side of a highway in constant drizzle. The rain would make the track slippery, but the National Stadium also has a track under the eaves of the stadium building, sponsored by 100 Plus (and […]

  • Track night

    This evening I went to the track, after eating possibly one too many potato samosas. It was hot out, and I’m not fully recovered from Sunday’s beasting, so I was planning on running 1:40s, but it was clear pretty quickly that 1:45s would be a much more realistic goal. Even that was hard to maintain; […]

  • A series of short sharp shocks

    My legs felt exceptionally sore today, coming off the back of one hard run and quite a few easy ones. Today, however, I had a hard session to do: 30 second intervals at somewhere between 1500m and 3k pace, broken up with a minute of jogging each time. The training plan calls for 10-20; I […]

  • Running on pizza and random thoughts

    Tonight, after dining on nutritious pizza, I went out running. I didn’t feel like going down to street level so I ran around the running track on the 26th floor of our building. I was trying to run 200m sprints, but since the GPS on my watch doesn’t work so well when there are huge […]

  • An interval of sorts

    It still took me until nine this evening to get La Serpiente Aquatica Negra to go to sleep, but we started her bath later, so it wasn’t as long and traumatic as last night. She was cheerfully mischievous throughout bed time, until I actually told her it was time to sleep, at which point she […]

  • Early start

    Our daughter woke up at ten to five this morning. Baffled and confused at this early hour, and unclear on what my wife was mumbling at me, I fetched child and milk and brought both back to bed. This was apparently not the right thing to do; for the future, I’m making my wife write […]

  • Good night at the track

    Tonight was my first track session of 2015, and almost the first for a month; I’d been quite regular until I got hand foot and mouth in mid November, and then holidays and Christmas interfered with running round in circles. That’s a shame, because December was the coolest month and thus the best for running, […]

  • Back to the track too soon

    All day today my calves were sore, enough to disrupt my normal gait. This is the same pain I get every time I run MacRitchie, and now I realise it’s not the strain of running up and down all those hills and over all the rocks and loose gravel, it’s the shoes. On Saturdays when […]

  • Giving 80%

    After all that travelling, I was more tired than I left myself believe. I headed to the track tonight for the usual Monday session, aghast that in two weeks I’d put on about two kilos, and determined to get it off.