Track night

This evening I went to the track, after eating possibly one too many potato samosas. It was hot out, and I’m not fully recovered from Sunday’s beasting, so I was planning on running 1:40s, but it was clear pretty quickly that 1:45s would be a much more realistic goal.

Even that was hard to maintain; aesthetically, I don’t like running for 5 minutes and not completing three full laps of the track, and it also makes it a bit harder to figure out whether you’re putting in consistent lap times, as the GPS log is never exactly what you did on the track, so if you know you ran most of a lap in 1:38, it’s never entirely clear what ratio you should apply to see what the full lap would have been like at that pace.

And my feet are sore.

However, I got all my laps in (I thought I was going to conk out completely after 9 laps, as would be fairly consistent with previous behaviour) and although running 6 lots of 5 minute repetitions is not exactly my favourite thing to do in the world, I’m glad I got it done and didn’t do anything silly like sprinting the first three laps and then paying for it with every one after that.

Afterwards, wobbly of leg and soft of brain, I trundled home again, managing to miss two trains by mere moments, the doors shutting in my face just before I could board, both at Stadium and then when I was transferring at Dhoby Ghaut. Minor misses. I’m sure that’s a metaphor for something somewhere.

I now have quite a bit of power data from my Stryd, and I’ve uploaded a bunch of it into Training Peaks, which draws more graphs than a reasonable man knows what to do with. Hopefully I have a bit of time at the weekend to play play play with all this data.

Oh, and I’m entered for the Sundown Marathon next March. 31 weeks of training to go…

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