Early start

Our daughter woke up at ten to five this morning. Baffled and confused at this early hour, and unclear on what my wife was mumbling at me, I fetched child and milk and brought both back to bed. This was apparently not the right thing to do; for the future, I’m making my wife write detailed instructions on a piece of paper on the outside of La Serpiente Aquatica Negra’s containment facility, so my sleep addled self can see what to do.

Except this morning my eyes were screwed shut, so I wouldn’t have been able to read it anyway.

She hunkered down to sleep between my wife and I, and then rotated through ninety degrees so the only way I could sleep on the bed was by balancing on the shelf running around the bottom of the mattress. I gave up trying to sleep.

Instead, I got dressed as quietly as I could, shut the windows in the master bedroom and gave them a blast of air conditioning, and went down to the running track. I figured that as I’m not going to get to the Wednesday night session, I should get some speed work in, so I did four laps of the Pinnacle as quick as I could, with a minute’s rest between each one.

I was pleased to be consistent; I did the first lap in 3:10 and the others around 3:15. I wasn’t so pleased by my speed; the lap is only about 800 metres, but then it has a series of awkward turns to negotiate, including a slippery puddle behind block A.

I’m not sure what the other residents make of a man in an offensively tight shirt (today I had my super tight compression shirt on) and a shaved head running very fast around the building. Maybe they thought I was an escaped criminal with a rubbish escape plan. Certainly most of them continued their morning jog without batting an eyelid.

I went back upstairs, sweated for a while, took a shower in the bathroom that isn’t off the master bedroom (which meant the only soap and shampoo available was my daughter’s baby body wash) and then went to the office, forgetting that on the way to the office I would start sweating again and drench my shirt. But at least the joie de vivre provided by a few days holiday, plus an early morning jolt of adrenaline, was enough to keep me upright for the day.

Later on, we went for our monthly unborn baby inspection. Child Two is looking healthy and looming ever closer to arriving. Three more months of relative calmness to go…


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