Chaos Cup 2022

After four games, I’m mentally exhausted, but they were all good matches. My first was a draw, against Skaven. I did my best to win but couldn’t equalize in the first half, had to eke out a draw in the second. I gave my second opponent a lot of thinking, and if he had had slightly less luck in the closing turns of the first half, that could have been 1-1, not a 2-1 loss. I’m not sure what I need to do to improve – be more aggressive?

Third match was Skaven again, against a guy I played last year, and we had a fun time, again, getting close to a win for either side and then ending up with a 1-1 draw, when Skaven are usually a high scoring team. I went into my 4th round needing a break, and I got ogres.

I got lucky early on, knocking two of them out (one of which stayed out for the whole game) and then held on for eight turns to get it to 1-0. I’d injured five or six of his players by the end, and although he could have equalized, I managed to get in, sack the ball carrier and then dodge out (on a 3+, 3+, 2+, 2+, with a 2+ to go for it to go up 2-0, my first win of the day. Given I was down in 130th place from 150 coaches, I’ve not been clothing myself in glory, but perhaps there’ll be a good run at it tomorrow…

In the evening, went for dinner with seven people from Fumbbl at a posh steak and seafood restaurant over the street from the hotel. My wife was out getting Chinese for dinner, while I had meat of the month for a second time … crikey. And so to bed…

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