Charging into the cold

It’s really, really cold all of a sudden. It was bad enough last week, but now I’m sat under a blanket at my desk, my legs going numb. I’ve got so desperate I’ve ordered a room heater from Amazon so I can work while not turning into an icicle.

On the other hand, it’s still sunny, so I guess we’re making electricity.

I had to sort out insurance today for the car; it’s complicated by my wife, who some underwriters demand is on the policy despite not having a driving license, and then charge me more because I have somebody insured who doesn’t have a driving license. There’s a trick I’m missing there, I’m sure.

We finally got blinds fitted. My wife is super excited about this, even more than being insured on a vehicle she is not allowed to drive. They do pull the room together somewhat, and now the children will be able to focus on work in the living room without being blinded by the bright Seattle sun. People think the Pacific Northwest is dark and grim, but it’s on the same latitude as northern France and that sun can be pretty bright when it wants to be.

I didn’t achieve much else today. Yesterday I recharged 12 AA batteries, and now I’ve run out of things to put them into. So tomorrow I guess I’ll find some other draining activity. Until then, to bed…

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