Chasing cash

I took my wife to the bank today to add her to my account, but because she has no proof of address in the US, she wasn’t allowed. So no access to money for her, then. And as we’re in corporate housing there’s no utility bill we can proffer or anything else, unless she goes off and spends hours trying to get a state ID. Oh well.
So I gave my wife my credit card, which is also not very useful as it has less than $100 of credit on it right now, and so she spent the day looking for free things, and the good news about that is she now has a library card. Maybe we could give that to the bank…

After I’d put the kids down this evening, I went out to get her some cash. The nearest Chase is about 7 blocks away, and so I walked down, regretting not taking a sweater with me, and then further regretting the wall when I found that the bank shits at 6pm,and so does the door to the vestibule where the ATM is, so in a startlingly convenient set up, you can only use the automatic telling machine when the bank is open.

I’m pretty sure it was like that in England. In the 1970s.

So,coming from a country where you can text an ATM at any hour of the day and it will dispense cash, to a world where the ATM is itself kept under lock and key, is a bit of a big adjustment. I walked home and my wife watched two episodes of Game of Thrones back to back, and then we went to bed.

And that was my first day at work back in the US.

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