Chasing waterfalls

We went on our longest hike yet of the holiday, part way down the Hoh River Trail, to the waterfall.
The waterfall appeared to be a bit of a misnomer, because you arrived at a bridge over a shallow stream that ran down into the Hoh. If you cranes your head a bit and looked up the hill, there was a much more impressive waterfall (and probably titanic when the waters are high in the spring).

On the way there, we entertained the children by telling them the entire plot of Black Widow, and on the way back, to avoid having to repeat this, I ended up telling them a very long story about a learned pig that travelled from Paris to London to become a doctor (and then had to go to Tajikistan to obtain a rugby ball in order to join Balliol college). This was exhausting, especially as I also had to carry Destroyer, weeping copiously after we refused to let her bring a banana slug back with her.

Destroyer is also developing a fear of all winged insects, after stings earlier in the summer. Cue further weeping both on the trail and while they were at the ranger station learning about salmon.

I really wanted to sleep, but also to carry on reading a book, and reading won out. This is a bad thing because I woke at 5 today and couldn’t get back to sleep. But we only have a hundred miles to drive tomorrow so what could go wrong?

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