Chicken dinner

I roasted a chicken for dinner today. This was remarkably simple, and if I’d not basted the chicken, would have been even easier. Last night I rubbed it down with salt and pepper and left it to sit in the fridge overnight, and today I preheated the oven and then put the bird in for an hour and a half.

Roasting the potatoes was slightly more involved (parboil them, then roll them in duck fat and oil) but again, sticking them in the oven for an hour wasn’t too challenging. The most involved part was boiling the greens that accompanied the meal and then squeezing out all the water.

This all had a mixed reception from our daughters and the cat. Froggy exhibited disdain for chicken, preferring kibble. Destroyer liked the chicken, didn’t like the potato, and La Serpiente was effusive over both chicken and potato. And I scoffed about half the bird myself. That may have been a bit too much meat of the month.

Now, what to cook next Wednesday?

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