A good thing about staying on the Olympic Peninsula is that jsntesd of having to rush to catch the ferry home, we could explore more. The downside is the bed in the Airbnb is terrible, too soft to sleep on, and we ended up with one or other or our children throughout the night

Still, we got out to the quote beautiful Crescent Lake, walked around for a bit and then drove to Granny’s Cafe, which didn’t have visible Trump signs, and had food better than an execrable cheese sandwich. That alone would have been enough, but it also had a flock of chickens who were brave/tame enough to come to our table. There was one especially fat looking one that the girls christened Prince Fatty, along with one with ruffs of feathers around its head that made it look like an extra from Great Expectations, but which could jump high I. The air to catch breadcrumbs

Eventually we drove out to Chellam where we could see Vancouver Island, and then drove home again, just as the car was running out of electricity. I dropped off the rest of the family and went to find a charger, and then do shopping for essentials like chocolate biscuits and carrots while I waited to refill the car with juice. (Fast chargers are super expensive: it was $24 to fill the car up, which is probably no cheaper than gas, and four times the price of doing it at home)

Tomorrow, I should be fully relaxed and in holiday mode. We take the girls on another drive to somewhere, try to wear them out. The usuals. Then in the evening we get to burn some wood, and back to Seattle on Saturday

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