Christmas Day, 2020

La Serpiente kept waking us up all night, and at 6:30 we finally relented and let her go downstairs to look at the stack of presents.

Unlike the last two years, where they tore through the wrapping like a twin tornado, today we managed to get the girls to open their presents in batches, spreading out the excitement through the morning.

La Serpiente got a flying fairy that goes up in the air, twirls around and then gets stuck in one corner of the ceiling. Destroyer got the renovate control car she wanted, but the factory in Guangzhou failed to put the charging cable in the box and the battery has a non standard connection, so when it goes flat it will stop being fun for some time. My wife and I exchanged cookery books – I have a Great British Bake Off book that supplies plenty of new cake ideas. Then there were the Percy Pigs from the UK, fresh socks, candles, matches, Lego, so much fun stuff. My wife even replaced my sadly ripped dressing gown (after 25 years, I suppose I have to let it go…)

For lunch: beef, a pot roast of shredded beef that wasn’t quite my favourite, but you can’t have everything. The Christmas pudding, the first we’ve made, caught fire just as we wanted and was a great success. The girls were impeccable today, apart from some early growling from Destroyer trying to deny she needed to eat breakfast.

It’s started raining again though, and I expect being cooped up at home may be the end of my brains. Perhaps we’ll survive, perhaps I’ll eke out an existence in coordinated pyjamas until the end of the year.

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