Christmas Eve 2021

In a late burst of activity we wrapped the remaining presents, as well as going back and forth to our house to pick up deliveries, and have a neighbour dressed as Santa come over to present the girls with a gift each. So that was a pretty solid day.
Next year I must remember not to buy wrapping paper from Target (it’s thin and tears too easily, and I should really be back to brown paper parcels wrapped in string) but the huge mound under our tree is fairly awe-inspiring – I need to send some belated presents after the season for things we failed to get done before the 25th.

The girls went to sleep early tonight, desperate to be able to get up tomorrow and start Christmas as soon as possible – on the one hand I’m excited for them, on the other I want to get at least some sleep before the day begins.

Outside it’s raining. Snow and subzero temperatures are threatened for next week, but nothing so far. Just rain. Roll on tomorrow…

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