Cleaned up

I had a cleaning appointment at the dentist today, which was almost an hour lying down with somebody else’s hands in my mouth. I seemed to spend the majority of that time inhaling my own saliva and then coughing up, which may be why it took so long, and then for the rest of the day my mouth remained sore, probably from emulating a python with my jaws wide open.
The last step of the clean was to smear fluoride on my teeth, and fbey told me not to drink anything hot for half an hour while it bonded. Since I then failed to drink any coffee, I spent the rest of the day battling a headache and blundering around, failing to do anything.

Still the house continues apace. We have a light switch for the ground floor, a week after we moved back in, rather than having to go to the breaker to switch things on and off. The internal walls are framed and this is the point where it begins to feel extra real. We are now so very close to it being a real home.

The kids will miss that, I think, as it’s always fun to watch the builders. But instead of men with power tools, maybe I can get them a rabbit.

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