Climbing again

After work today I went to Seattle Boulder Project, a place I can’t remember visiting for a month. It showed: on a hot night, when I’d had little exercise, I struggled with a lot of problems, and by the time I’d been then an hour, I was through. I got a car and went home to rub lotion into my sore hands.
At least I can do some purple problems now ("V2ish" in the vague problem setting way they have there). I seemed to haunt the same parts of the gym as some bloke and his girlfriend, where the bloke had enormous arms and could just yank himself up things without using his legs at all. There was something awe inspiring watching this tank just pull itself up the wall with zero finesse, but I can’t see that being a winning strategy, and aesthetically, there’s nicer ways to do things. Ah well. I can hardly criticise, grunting my way up the wall each time.

I went home, and spent half an hour trying to play the banjo. This is a new hobby that I have decided to acquire. I don’t know why. Probably a sign of making poor decisions somewhere. Or one more resolution for the year.

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  1. Dontcha just love that arms thing? Although I find it doesn’t tend to be the people with enormous arms, but the really skinny people who have sinewy arms. Anyway, end result is the same. You read all these articles about how it’s to do with the balance on your feet and the positioning of your body weight and all sorts of zen stuff, then the tutorial videos and betas just have skinny sinewy blokes hauling themselves about by the tips of their fingers.

    • There’s a Austrian 19 year old who, when they measured his grip strength, showed he could pull 80 kg with his left forearm. And his whole body weighs about 60 kg, so power to weight is always going to beat me up 🙂

      Thankfully, went back last night and the limiting factor is now how sore my hands get, rather than my arms being too weedy…

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