Climbing and screaming

The girls had their second day at the climbing gym today, and apparently they discovered that soft children’s hands don’t endure four hours of climbing, so they’d all trooped off to the swings in the park nearby after the first hour of climbing. La Serpiente was doing ludicrous stuff again, by the sounds of it, deadpointing her way around and probably doing dynos next.
In the evening, I got them to watch a movie. I wanted Mulan for the songs, but La Serpiente said it was too scary and so we got half way through an Anne Hathaway Cinderella update from 2004, before we had to pause for dinner.

We started tidying up the table, but then Destroyer wanted to play some more and cut out shapes from paper, and that degenerated into her screaming for an hour at us. So, no second half of the movie, and then they went to bed, finishing off Danny The Champion Of The World. So, at least bedtime was prompt.

Tomorrow, we have an exciting trip to the IRS office. More on that later…

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