Climbing gets harder

Today I had another training session at the climbing wall. Whereas the first few weeks were just concentrating on overall strength, now the emphasis shifts to climbing specific work; that means doing a series of different problems without any break, then some floor exercises like press ups and squats, and then more problems, and repeat until you’re done.

This was really, really tiring. I remember after the third week feeling that things were just too easy, and I’m glad I recognised this at the time for the foolhardiness it was. Today I was clinging to the wall, almost mentally incapable of climbing any more. And that was before I tried doing a minute of press ups (spoiler alert : I can’t do a minute of press ups) and then trying to climb the wall again.

These things I know will get easier. The smoother you climb, the more relaxed you are, so the easier it is, so the smoother you climb. Just like running, higher volume of training is the only way to build efficiency, but if that is a high volume of bad moves, you won’t get any better.

I also had to buy a chalk bag; this week the skin on three of my fingers began to split, and but at least I noticed it early enough to take remedial action, rather than have to miss a week of climbing. Although given we’re moving house this weekend, it’s optimistic to expect I’ll be able to get away a lot from unpacking boxes and such.

Returning home, feeling as shattered as I can remember from climbing (constant climbing really does elevate my heart rate) , the children were fairly compliant. That may mean they’re saving up an extravaganza of mayhem for tonight, but after Destroyer was weeping in the bathroom at talk of the Bungletruck, I think I have their number.

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