Climbing, hiking, hot dogs and marshmallows

After the demands from the girls, we all went to the climbing gym this morning. I did a few routes to see how my shoulder is bearing up (ok, but I’ve lost all my grip strength in the last week) but the girls were great, climbing up and down the walls with aplomb. After a couple do hours, we left, and then the girls cajoled me to take them to the park for more running around, while my wife went shopping. I should point out that I failed to drink coffee this morning so although my wife let me sleep in, I was still pretty ruined all morning, and it wasn’t until we met up with friends at Yost Park this afternoon for a hike and I got caffeinated that I got back to reality.
Yost Park has a swimming pool that isn’t open on weekends until July (boo) but it also has a steep grassy hill that I could persuade my daughters to run up and then roll down. They do so love rolling down grassy hills.

We walked around through ferny glades, stopping when the girls got stung by nettles to apply dock leaves, and after we’d judged the children worn out enough, went home and then out to cook smores over a friend’s firepit. A good day.

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