Climbing, jumping, screaming

I went climbing tonight, and after fifty minutes my forearms were rock hard, swollen up from all the yanking I’d made them do. So then I went home. It was a slightly unsatisfactory session as I seemed to be following people around the gym who were worse than me, so I got to just see bad footwork and reliance on upper body strength, rather than learn anything new. But I think this means I really need somebody to climb with.
Earlier today we took the girls next door, for a playdate with our neighbours’ three year old. This meant they all jumped up and down on the trampoline for a good three hours, and then we ate pizza, and then we tried to get our girls to go home and go to bed.

Destroyer and La Serpiente had both had a chocolate macaron each, and Easter eggs from their grandparents, and fruit, and yet still we had twenty minutes of screaming from Destroyer because she wanted dessert. Bless her. She got a chapter of The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe and then fell asleep. I hope she doesn’t hate us too much in later life.

And so, exhausted, to bed

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