Climbing the walls again

I had planned for an early start today, but a roiling stomach full of booze and coffee meant I didn’t sleep until 3 this morning, so in turn my early morning session at Boulder Movement turned out to be an 11 o’clock session, clashing with a class so I couldn’t use the hang board until I got back from breakfast (at 12:45, don’t judge me please). I did 15 minutes of hanging from my fingertips (including lots of rest intervals) then rushed home, and then went off to Climb Central at the Kallang Wave shopping mall.
Climb Central is mostly roped climbing (which freaks me out because of heights, and knots, and relying on others) with a bit of bouldering that goes quickly from easy to impossible, with not much in between. I could do 5 problems, then climbed up the wall.

This was a new discovery: I thought I was relying on my legs a lot, but it turns out all I do is haul myself up with my arms, and that’s more noticeable on a long roped climb than a short bouldering problem. Now my arms are just ruins, pale imitations of their former selves. But that was kind of useful. From the harder bouldering problems I realise I can now heel hook, when a few weeks ago that would have been largely impossible. Also, they have a class for five year old I can put La Serpiente in when she’s back.

Afterwards, we went for dinner in Dakota in a hawker centre. I had vegetarian bee hoon, and then let slip that I’ve never had kueh in the six years I’ve lived here. So that was another new experience. And then home, shattered from all the exercise and the lack of sleep. Tomorrow is a rest day.

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