Climbing up the walls

I had another climbing training session today; I woke up exhausted after yesterday’s swimming. By lunchtime I was feeling somewhat recovered, and luckily today’s session was more on getting technique right and less on brute strength or endurance.

After about 45 minutes of this, we went on to working on my headstand. Today that was a lot of downward facing dog. To make it harder today, we started putting wooden blocks under my feet to raise them up. First one block, then two, then three, and then to really mess with balance four blocks under one foot and two under the other.

This was very surprising, because when I tried to bring my left leg up I discovered that my left thigh muscle is really whereas my right it much stronger. After yesterday when it turned out my left arm was weaker than my right, this seems to be a never ending game where fitness professionals make it clear to me that I’m a malformed freak.

A malformed freak who can now clamber up climbing problems of a reasonable difficulty. I suppose I’ve got that, at least.

This evening, I went back and attempted a problem I’ve failed to do for the last two weeks. After half an hour of falling off again and again, I went home and lay on the sofa. And thus the day ends.

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