Clocks go back

As should be expected, I woke with sore legs after yesterday’s exertion. Unhappily, I slept so much I didn’t notice that the clocks had gone back, so when I woke at 9 this morning it really was 9, and I couldn’t get another hour of sleep by resetting my clocks. Never mind.
Perilous horological logic aside, the morning was good. We took the girls to Carkeek Park to watch the salmon leaping up the river, and there were lots of salmon, huge fish splashing and spinning and making their way up the river, a most impressive sight.

We went home, talked to our contractor, then I went out to my weekly outreach to the homeless. This is made more difficult by the city having swept one of the encampment we served, spreading the residents far and wide across the south part of town, making it harder to find people and bring them food and other supplies. They’d been moved on from next to the car park for an industrial centre; a row of closed-down businesses facing them. So I’m not sure who’s interests it was in to move them all along.

I drove home, head warped with barometric pressure, was fairly useless until bedtime. So it goes.

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