Closer to the sun

Today the solar installers came back and spent all day working; there was lots of wiring to do, a new panel to install on the side of the house, and cable runs within the basement. Now, we have a conduit running through a hole in the roof down to the main electrical panel, and an electric vehicle charging port on the south corner of the house, but we still don’t have the solar panels connected (that should come on Thursday, when we become fully operational).
So once again, we didn’t have the power cut off today, which allowed me to spend all day in meetings. From 8:45 until 1:15 I was on calls, had a short break to take the girls to the cafe and back, and then back on it again. It feels like I might never do anything but be on calls.

The girls were exhausted and went to sleep quickly tonight, and then I had a game of Blood Bowl that I won, while my wife watched a Keanu Reeves film that wasn’t amazing, but also not dreadful. I failed to pay attention as I was too busy getting tiny imaginary people to throw a football at one another.

And then to bed. Tomorrow, we have no solar installers visiting us, bit they promise to be back on Thursday for the final installment of our sun-powered adventure. Whew!

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