Closing time

The schools in Seattle all closed today for two weeks. And there’s a flight ban from Europe to the US all of a sudden, although not from the UK, where there’s also been a death from the corona virus. So this seems to be moving into a new phase. I wonder if, in a few weeks time, things will be much worse, or the same, or improved.

We have approximately twelve rolls of toilet paper left – will this be the tipping point where we go to the shops and find ourselves fighting over bathroom supplies?

Other things that have closed: major sporting events like the basketball and the next two Seattle Dragons games are to be played without any audiences in the stadium. This is when people I spoke to began to freak out. You can have random people squabbling over hand sanitiser, but if the sporting events are affected, then it turns ugly. What if the players on the pitch are themselves ill?

My youngest daughter’s preschool is still open, so there’s at least another day of me taking her there on the back of my bike. My work from home productivity may take a dive with La Serpiente to distract me – we shall see how that turns out.

At least online Blood Bowl can’t be stopped. For now.

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