Cold, cold, cold

We had five of us in the bed this morning; La Serpiente had woke after midnight and demanded to sleep on one side of us, then Destroyer appeared, complaining it was too cold, and then the cat made five. I was glad of the extra warmth: it was down to 0° today and I was exhausted, my body unwilling to move into a chilly space, my eyes burdened down and struggling to stay open.
It didn’t feel like it got any warmer as the day progresses, and I didn’t feel much less tired. I had my penultimate day of work this year, chugged through a lot of data, thought about things, and then sat around feeling cold some more.

Back at the house, work continues. The kitchen countertops now look ever more beautiful, and banging in the basement means something is going on. We have over a month until we go back in; a lot can happen in that time. For now, focus on Christmas, then the new year arrives, and before we know it, summer returns. But for now, cold.

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