Cold end to the week

I went to the office today to work, and it was freezing cold; even with my jacket and a sweater on, I was still shivering. I could have stayed at home in the warm, rather than sit alone in the office, so that was a day rather tinged with regret.

This evening, Frogmorton was in a feisty mold, chasing me around the house and grabbing my leg with both front paws and biting me. He hadn’t reckoned with the protective powers of thick corduroy, so I made out ok.

We watched The Book Of Life with the girls, an animated movie about Mexican soldiers and bullfighting and the afterlife, and I’d quite forgotten it was not only animated, but everyone was made out of wood. So that was a nice way to spend a few hours with the girls, before they went to sleep and I had two abysmal games of Blood Bowl, the second so annoying that I’m still in a rage about it now, feeling I was suckered into playing what I thought would be a relaxed match and then have the other guy bring something grossly overpowered. But perhaps it’s just the universe righting itself after my triumph yesterday.

Tomorrow is doughnut day, and that will make everything right.

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