Cold spring day

It was a cold, grey day today and the girls didn’t go outside, which meant their pent up energy gradually grew louder and louder, while I struggled to concentrate upstairs on my work. The apotheosis of it was them stripping down to their shorts and then wrestling one another on the sofa while I yelled, futilely, at them to stop.

At least I managed to get them outside at 6:30 and we raced together around the block once, which tired them out a little. They were still boisterous and I struggled to get them inside and calm again, but by 8:30 they were asleep and I could get out for a run.

It was a good ten degrees colder than the last time I ran, and the streets of Ballard are dark and uneven, good places to trip and fall. How different this is to running in Singapore, where you run at night because it’s not quite so hot, but the air, humid as it is, feels depleted of oxygen. Here, the air is fresh, I could be a superman.

I ran for half an hour, proving I could still run. (On the run with my daughters, I had a belly full of curry and legs that seemed to be full of concrete, so I was worried I was slowing again.) I got home, where my wife was making cookies, watched more terrible films (Jay And Silent Bob Reboot, which brought tears to my eye), then made my wife catch up on Westworld, and now, I guess, it’s time for bed.

It’s a bit off that in a day where I ran for half an hour, I only did a total of 7,500 steps, but that’s the problem with sitting at a desk all day. Tomorrow, my first banjo lesson, so that will be quite different, I hope…

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