Cold weather recovery

This morning I fetched pastries before we all headed out to Gasworks Park. This is a large green space on the southern end of Fremont / Ballard, with a disused gasworks clogging up the view of the city. There’s a nice steep hill that everyone ran up, and then I slipped as I descended it and landed hard on my backside.
At the bottom is a children’s play area, where there are lots of climbing frames (good) and also some graffiti (not so good – although am I more offended somebody wrote "I love sucking cawk" or that they hadn’t learned to spell? Or that that was left, but the religious graffiti was painted over (but ineptly)?). After all that confusion, we had to go see the Fremont Troll, then visit the Theo chocolate factory, and finally eat some Mexican food for lunch before going to Green Lake Park to climb trees and visit another play area.

My ear doesn’t get on well with the cold air at the moment, but it’s not as agonising as it was. It’s not totally better either, and we are at the end of my antibiotics, but there’s no more scunge coming out of my nose or lungs, so perhaps things are on the way up. We dined on pizza tonight, then I put the girls to bed (exhausted, they quickly fell asleep) and then drank copiously and played boardgames for four hours.

So a good day, all in all.

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