Colder again

My wife’s fever has abated but she’s got a sore elbow and an sore back, so being a gentleman I fled to the office this morning. Well, I had to sort out the rest of my mortgage application so ostensibly I was doing something useful.

I came home tonight bearing a blender and a box of nappies and some post, so I guess I may have been compensating. The kids were mostly good but very tired – despite protestations they were asleep in less then 5 minutes – and then I worked on my MBA and my wife went out to get groceries without being interrupted by the girls.

Strangely, Destroyer was the one to wake up tonight, appearing at least 5 times this evening. I was only doing things like tabulating Blood Bowl injury statistics so I had nothing else to do but guide her back to bed. Sadly, she’s now big enough to have bad dreams. And so tonight she’s in our bed and my wife is in hers and I’m dreaming of sheds…

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