Colder snap and a credit to myself

It was -6° today, but it didn’t snow, so I took my wife in the car down to feed our next door neighbours’ cat. For the last week while we’ve had this car, it’s been uncomfortably hot, and so we’d just finished figuring out how to stop it defaulting to heated steering wheel, seats and thermonuclear air conditioning when we turn it on, and now of course it’s just very very cold. Still, tomorrow I pick up my new car, which I’m overjoyed to be paying $60 less per month for, having just called up BECU and got a cheaper loan than the one Hyundai gave me a year and a half ago.
While I was on the line, they asked me if I wanted another credit card, and I like having extra lines of credit, so why not? Then they told me that my credit limit was a five figure number more than twice my monthly salary, which was nice, although I’m not sure when I get to be irresponsible enough to use that. Apparently this will do something good for my credit rating, which is… nice? After the first year in this country where I couldn’t get a credit card with more than $1000 of credit, even if I secured it by giving the credit card company a grand up front, this is a nice change. Although it’s rather regressive: the more credit you have, the easier it is to get more of it. At least this one will be a nice colour, that’s the important thing.

I found myself curiously exhausted today, and I’m not sure why. I have only been at work for two days, it’s not like I have a long commute. Maybe it was the monitor at my workstation breaking so I have to look at a tiny laptop screen again. The sooner I have a big screen again, the better. Maybe I could put it on my ludicrous new card …

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