Confused of Tunbridge Wells

This morning I worked on work things, while the children chirped and gibbered and my wife went shopping for a new coat in Bromley. Then in the afternoon, I crammed the girls into their coats and took them out to meet their mother, and we got a train down to Tunbridge Wells to see our frriends.
I was expecting an ice-skating extravaganza, but instead we went for a walk in the Pantiles and ended up at a dreadful cafe where they took an hour to bring us our drinks. Fortunately we were sat outside so on a nice, balmy summer day it was quite pleasant. What am i saying? It was brass-monkey freezing, as I sat in a slightly uncomfortable chair waiting for a glass of mulled wine I didn’t particularly want.

The trouble is that Tunbridge Wells is probably hungover from Christmas; today’s not a holiday so places should be open, but almost everywhere is shut, or running on a skeleton staff. When the night drew in and the kids needed feeding, nowhere seemed to be open apart from Wagamamas, that renowned Kentish restaurant chain that has hardly any vegetarian food. Well, they had a super spicy bowl of udon that I could eat. Except it really was too spicy for me, so at some point we admitted defeat and got the train home.

Well, we got the train to Orpington, where we missed our connection by a matter of seconds, and then took the bus instead, which took nearly an hour to deposit us, with nearly comatose children, back in Beckenham again. No more travel this week please, no more travel…

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  1. Ouch. One of my friends lives near TW and is trying to move asap. She just realised she only moved there because it was where her husband wanted them to live and now they’re divorced she’s got no reason to stay.

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