I worked all day. The kids were outside all day. Still, I didn’t achieve all that I’d hoped for, and although the children returned exhausted and were quick to bed, they woke up in the night as usual for nocturnal manouvres. So you can’t always get what you want.
I did get lots of pie today though, an apple pie my wife baked at the weekend to celebrate the Solstice. Or because we had lots of apples left that we needed to use up. Who can say?

(well, I guess she probably can)

It’s been a quiet day, without the children coming to see me. Tomorrow, we panic wrap all of La Serpiente’s presents as it’s her birthday on Thursday. I kind of feel I should have done more of that today, instead of slobbing about this evening and playing Blood Bowl.

I’ll know for next year, or Destroyer’s birthday next week, I guess …

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