Every day things get a bit more back to normal. My electrician got back in touch and scheduled himself to arrive on Friday, so we should have hot water and a working stove by then. We cleaned and tidied away some more of the kitchen (all the plates and bowls and cutlery were covered in dust from the construction work, and we hadn’t figured out where to put things) and I moved all the electrical components (lights, switches, plastic conduit and the water heater) into the basement and out of the way. And as it was our anniversary of dating, we got Thai for dinner tonight and some pie from Pie Bar. Thai plus pie is great, even if they delivered more spice than we’d expected.
I even got to use my VR headset in the basement for the first time. It’s still full of all the grime of a construction site, but there’s enough room down there for me to flail without fear of hitting anything, and I got in a good half hour of exercise. My plan is to try to work out throughout March, and see if that’s made a difference to my blood pressure, weight, etc, by the end of the month. Consistency is key …

Consistency in sleep would be good too. La Serpiente and Destroyer both woke us last night, and I ended up waking up on the sofa this morning, a broken man. Tomorrow will be better.

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