Consistently inconsistent

I slept badly last night. Hungover, I had slept in until one yesterday afternoon, and that meant that, tired though I was, sleep didn’t come easily to me in the evening. All I got was six hours before I had to get up and start my day, and I suffered a dull headache throughout today.

One very good thing about the Fitbit is how it lets me know I’ve only had six hours sleep (of which I spent nineteen minutes tossing and turning), which hopefully imbues me with the discipline to go to bed at a sensible hour tonight. Of course, first I had to go to the track.

Tonight was 12x400m, the same as the first time I’d ever been to the track, and one of my favorites, letting me run as hard as I can. Of course, I went out far too fast and paid for it later on, but I think if I’m not consistent yet, I am getting slightly more consistent.

1:22.75 (bad start, at the back of the pack)

The first four were more consistent than I’d thought, but unfortunately not at a sustainable pace. My instinct is that I should be running a consistent 1:24, which is depressingly slow vs everyone else, but although I can run a 1:20, I can’t do that all the time. (I remember doing a 1:16 in Hong Kong, but perhaps I imagined that.) Looking at previous sessions, I’m more consistent and quicker than I was, but just as with those sessions, my lap times are still all over the place.

I finished, ready to faint, my head still aching. For the first time I could remember, I managed to do the plank for three minutes after the session, rather than collapse in a sweaty puddle, so I suppose I’m improving there. Homeward bound, a bottle of ginger beer inside me, and nothing sugary when I got home apart from another bottle of ginger beer, hardly the best after training diet. I did eat a bowl of pasta as well though, so I’m not just a junk food junkie.

And so to bed, to dream of Wednesday’s track session, 20 brutal minutes at the track.

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