Counting down to the weekend

Tonight my wife went out for drinks, while I spent three hours downloading Lightroom to install on my Surface. La Serpiente Aquatica Negra was very cooperative in this process, going to sleep without a murmur before eight o’clock and remaining silent ever since. I lay on the sofa, feeling bloated: my wife had ordered two pizzas for us to eat this evening, and because I was stressed and tired, that’s what I ate. Luckily tomorrow is Saturday, which means getting up early and cycling out to the East Coast for the parkrun, which should burn off some of those mozzarella calories.

This week has been a bit of a struggle; being tired means I’ve had a lower work rate than usual, which means I end up working longer, which means I don’t recover and I’m tired the next day, and so on. I hope that this weekend I can break that cycle and get back on track. I do have two consecutive 6am starts though, followed by action-packed days of running, taking our daughter to the zoo and the bird park, swimming and other social engagements. And to think, I was meant to be doing my Spanish homework as well.

Still, on the positive side this week I’ve managed to do four hours of Spanish classes, run three times, eat two pizzas and have one conversation with my mother via Skype, so it’s not been a complete write-off. Also, although I did a nice thing and brought back confectionery for the office from New York, I quite sensibly brought back only peanut-butter based sweets, which I detest. There were no ugly scenes part way through the week where I was spotted cramming an entire bag of Hershey bars into my craw, without even unwrapping them. In a week of challenges, that’s a miniature victory.

And so we rapidly reach the end of January. How did 2015 start moving so fast?

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