Cross border friendships

After feeling dreadful on Friday and Saturday, I’d regained my life by Sunday, and so when one of my oldest friends, ex housemate and wife of my best man got in touch to say she was visiting Seattle, we parked the kids with neighbours and drove down to the Seattle Art Museum to see her.
I’m always happy to go to SAM and see the sculpture of an enormous black mouse standing on top of a sleeping man, so that alone would make me happy, but we got to spend a couple of pleasant hours looking at beautiful things, before getting a coffee (my stamina for standing around in art galleries seems somewhat diminished) and then going home again. They’re going through less drastic renovations than us at the moment, so hopefully soon we’ll be able to visit each others’ basements.

It was cold again today (although it got up to 7°, there was snow on our deck this morning) and I’m guessing it will be cold again this week. The children go back to school, which means I should have been drawing them notes this evening, not terrifying myself watching The Last Of Us. Bur there’s still time…

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