Curry powder and tantrums

I had planned for us to go hiking today, but a late start to the day and rain put paid to that. Instead, we spent the morning tidying the house and then in the afternoon had a very long visit to Target to buy things like a new laundry hamper and more organisational paraphernalia for the girls’ schoolwork.
We also had a parent-teacher call with Destroyer’s teacher, who was taken aback when we mentioned her frequent tantrums. Just like in Singapore, our youngest is sweetness and light in the classroom, and a hellion with us. She had one meltdown today, when we told her she couldn’t do arts and crafts at dinnertime, and I had to calm her down after a good scream at us that lasted for ten minutes or more.

Despite spending most of our time in the car, I did take the girls for a walk up to mail a cheque, and while we were there I got them books from the bookshop, as the coffee shop was closed. We’re accumulating more and more Captain Underpants books, for better or worse.

Experimenting with booze, we made a curry-based gin cocktail, which is less revolting than it sounds. It was rather too heavy on the gin; a strange thing to say, when the best ingredient is curry powder. I’m not sure if we’ll repeat that.

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