Sevens At The Seaside – A Third Scoop Of Something

It’s wintertime in the Pacific Northwest, the days are short and the skies are grey, but don’t despair, here’s a ray of Blood Bowl Sevens shaped fun to lift your spirits! Five games of possibly the most fun version of Blood Bowl that exists, with a few twists that make it just like a day at the beach. During an English summer.

This will be the third running of the tournament. First time round we had no skills for any players, but to make up with that a custom weather and kick off table that had coaches scratching their heads in confusion and rage, what with wasps, donkeys and sewage. If you want to see just how deep we sank, read the ruleset here

Second time round we removed most of the custom rules, except for our beloved chainsaws. And we forgot to ban coaches from inducing mercenaries.

This time round, we’re shaking it up again:

5 games of Sevens. Most of them are being played on the beach as usual, but the third round will be away from the beach, on the cobblestones behind the seedy hotels and pubs facing the seaside. Round 3 will follow the NAF Street Bowl rules (although no changes to team builds are permitted for that round.) As usual, there’s a free chainsaw in the final round, just in case you couldn’t bear to be without it…

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