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The Cheese Plate

Tournament Specific Rules


Weather is rolled at the start of each round by the players on the top table.

The Cheese Plate is held in a dank dungeon far underground, and so the Subterranean Weather Table (page 78, Death Zone) is used.

Unusual Playing Surfaces

Stupid man-things think-think Blood Bowl best played on grass? They have another think coming! The inaugural Cheese Plate was conducted on the following surfaces:

  • Sloping Pitch
  • Astrogranite
  • Solid Stone

Prior to each round, the surface for that round was decided by a vote from the coaches. In the case of no majority outcome, the tournament organiser will have the casting vote.

Because the mound of dead and injured rats was so appallingly high after the first Cheese Plate, for the 2024 Cheese Plate we’ve borrowed the luxurious carpets from the Vampire Castle pitch. (Allegations that the rats stole all the carpets from the Corpo-rat Hospitality Suites at the Tacoma Dome are baseless lies spread by man-things!). When a player is Knocked Down or Falls Over, there is an extra -1 modifier to the armour roll unless the player goes down in a square in the wide zones.

However, nothing comes without a cost, and because of the delightfully deep shag pile carpeting, going for it is a bit more risky than before. If a player rushes from a carpeted square, there is a -1 penalty to the roll – so rushes will fail on a 1 or a 2.

But because the rest of the arena is still made from that lovely grippy Astrogranite, players falling over or being knocked down in the wide zones suffer a +1 modifier to the armour roll. This does not stack with other modifiers. Because Astrogranite is so grippy, if a player fails a rush roll moving from a square in the wide zones, roll a D6: on a 4+, they remain standing but their activation ends immediately. On a 1-3, they fall down as normal.

Scoring & Prizes

50 points for a win / 30 points for a draw / 10 points for a loss by no more than 1 touchdown / 0 points for a loss by more than 1 touchdown.

The following glittering prizes will be awarded:

  • The Golden Cheese Plate – highest points
  • The Silver Cheese Plate – highest number of touchdowns scored, best TD diff wins in the event of a tie
  • The Bloody Cheese Plate – most casualties inflicted, best casualty diff wins in the event of a tie
  • The Glass Cannon Glass Cannon – for the team that suffered the most injuries while injuring more players than anyone else did
  • The Brand New Cheese Plate – best performance by a coach with no previous NAF record. In the absence of any rookie coaches, will be awarded for the best performance of a coach who has never previously coached Skaven in a NAF tournament.
  • The Messy Cheese Plate – awarded to the team with the highest total touchdowns and casualties (both for and against)