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The Cheese Plate

Tournament Specific Rules


Weather is rolled at the start of each round by the players on the top table.

The Cheese Plate is held in a dank dungeon far underground, and so the Subterranean Weather Table (page 78, Death Zone) is used

Unusual Playing Surfaces

Stupid man-things think-think Blood Bowl best played on grass? They have another think coming! The Cheese Plate is conducted on the following surfaces:

  • Sloping Pitch
  • Astrogranite
  • Solid Stone

Prior to each round, the surface for that round will be decided by a vote from the coaches. In the case of no majority outcome, the tournament organiser will have the casting vote.

Scoring & Prizes

50 points for a win / 30 points for a draw / 10 points for a loss by no more than 1 touchdown / 0 points for a loss by more than 1 touchdown.

The following glittering prizes will be awarded:

  • The Golden Cheese Plate – highest points
  • The Silver Cheese Plate – highest number of touchdowns scored, best TD diff wins in the event of a tie
  • The Bloody Cheese Plate – most casualties inflicted, best casualty diff wins in the event of a tie
  • The Glass Cannon Glass Cannon – for the team that suffered the most injuries while injuring more players than anyone else did
  • The Brand New Cheese Plate – best performance by a coach with no previous NAF record. In the absence of any rookie coaches, will be awarded for the best performance of a coach who has never previously coached Skaven in a NAF tournament.
  • The Messy Cheese Plate – awarded to the team with the highest total touchdowns and casualties (both for and against)