Team Build Tournament Specific Rules Entry Location & Schedule

The Cheese Plate


Entry is $15 for NAF members.

You get:

  • Three games of Blood Bowl
  • The chance to win some glittering prizes!

For non-NAF members, entry is $20. This includes NAF membership.

Because there are some special players that most coaches probably don’t have in their collection, every coach gets a free model of their choice included in their entry, from this list.

  • Rat Ogre
  • Plague Censer Bearer
  • Doom Flayer
  • Warp Grinder

For those of you who don’t have enough models, we can print you extras at $1 per model (put this in your entry fee). (This is intended to solve for those brave or foolhardy Clan Moulder coaches who don’t happen to have 6 Rat Ogres already, or for the zany specialists of Clan Skryre. Not for somebody who wants 16 Skaven linemen…)

To enter, Paypal, please specify Friends & Family, mention which tournament you’re entering! If we have space, then we can have people pay on the day, but then it’s less clear on how many people we have, you run the risk of turning up and finding it’s full after you’ve travelled all this way, there won’t be enough cheese to eat .. Make Nuffle and the Horned Rat happy, pay in advance!

Please include your NAF number and name when you pay, as sometimes people don’t do that and it gets super confusing when that happens.

Send your roster (as described here), along with your NAF number (if you already have one) to All rosters must be received by March 30, 2024 to ensure you have a place available. If we reach capacity ahead of that date, entry will be closed and any additional coaches can join a wait-list. The earlier you enter, the easier you make it for your tournament organisers.

How many coaches can you fit?

We can easily accomodate 20 coaches at Silver King, although the legal maximum for the room is much higher. Bring your rats! Fitting more would be interesting… The earlier you enter, the easier it is for us to ensure you have a space.