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The Cheese Plate

Team Build

Available Teams & Restrictions

Only Skaven, Underworld, and Clan teams are permitted to enter the Cheese Plate. Underworld teams are only allowed in if they roster a Rat Ogre as a big guy, and at least two Skaven players. (The snooty rodents behind the Cheese Plate have some kind of strange prejudice against those goblin-and-troll teams that sometime pretend to be rats…)

The five Clans are as listed below:

[Thanks to the good souls on Fumbbl for curating the Clan rosters over the years.]


Each team roster should be built using one of those seven teams, with a budget of 1,100,000 gp. A minimum of 11 regular players should be included in the roster before including any star players. If two teams roster the same star player, it plays for both teams – the warpstone-suffused environment means strange things can happen at the Cheese Plate. Teams can also roster assistant coaches, cheerleaders and an apothecary, (but what sort of coward brings an apothecary when they could just put more linemice into the grinder?)


Each team has a budget of SPP for skills.

Team RosterBudget
Underworld, Clan Pestilens50 SPP
Skaven, Clan Eshin, Clan Mors54 SPP
Clan Skryre60 SPP
Clan Moulder66 SPP

No random skills or stat increases are allowed. No player may have more than 2 additional skills. No extra skills can be granted to Star Players. Any unspent SPP are lost.

See page 71 of the Blood Bowl rulebook for costs of multiple skills:

One Primary Skill6 SPP
One Secondary Skill12 SPP
Two Primary Skills14 SPP
One Primary & One Secondary Skill20 SPP
Two Secondary Skills26 SPP


The following inducements are available:

  • Any Star Players with the ‘Underworld Challenge’ keyword except Bomber Dribblesnot. (Because of the trouble we had dealing with noise complaints from the neighbours due to the cacophony of constant explosions at the inaugural Cheese Plate in 2023, Mr Dribblesnot was banned from all future Cheese Plates.)
  • Warlock Engineer (150,000 gp) – note that the Warlock can only cast the Warp Lightning spell once per match – Thunderbolts are not available due to the weather conditions in the Northwest
  • Krot Shockwhisker (70,000 gp)
  • Mungo Spinecracker (80,000 gp)
  • The Trundlefoot Triplets (80,000 gp)
  • 0-3 Bribes (100,000 gp or 50,000 gp for any team with the Bribery & Corruption keyword)
  • 0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs (50,000 gp each)

Inducements must be the same for all three games – you can’t vary from game to game. If a team has a TV disadvantage, this does not allow for any extra inducements or Prayers to Nuffle.