Customer service and juicy lemons

I got a call from Hyundai today, asking me if I was satisfied with the service I’d received.

As my car is sat at the dealership waiting for a replacement battery, with no ETA, I guess I’m not very satisfied. As they told me ten days ago they’d call me back the same day, I’m also not very satisfied, not confident when they tell me somebody will call me back in the next two to three days.

I mentioned these things, and how I was planning to ask for Hyundai to refund my money and take the car back, and the agent told me the car didn’t qualify for a lemon law refund, because they haven’t attempted to repair it four times yet. (It’s quite quaint that, enshrined in state law, a car that can’t be driven is literally classified as a lemon. And here I am, a limey, trying to get rid of it…)

I countered by pointing out that in Washington, the law is that if the car is inoperable for thirty or more days, then it’s a lemon and they have to buy it back.

She put me on hold for five minutes.

When she got back on, I asked for the number for the lemon department. Not that I’m bitter. Apparently, they don’t have a phone number. I pointed out the recent failure of Hyundai to call me back when they said they would, and my scepticism about this. She said I’d need to call and get the extension of the lemon department. I was going to ask how, if they didn’t have a number, but that seemed needlessly cruel.

Next step, then, is to go talk to a lawyer, a lemon chasing lawyer, who’ll tell me if I’m literate or not, and then in seven days, we’re off to the races. Not in my Hyundai, but travelling at some speed…

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