Cycling and biscuits and cookies

I tried to mail some of the dice from our cancelled tournament to somebody today, but the price at the post office was $12, for three tiny little dice, so I held off on doing that. That made for a waste of a trip, and as I had to get Destroyer home for her class, we then rushed back across Ballard, sans chocolate chip cookie. I deposited my youngest in front of the iPad for her lesson, and took La Serpiente to the corner store to buy cookies.
Then on the way back La Serpiente rode her bike out without looking and almost got run over, which shook me up a bit, and reminded me that we need to teach her more about road safety. Luckily there was no collision, but I need to make it clearer to her to take care on the roads, especially in a country hostile to pedestrians like America.

Last night I couldn’t sleep, what with the heat, and the kids disturbing me, and my brain not switching off, so I overslept this morning. My dear kind wife let me sleep and went down to Biscuit & Bean and bought even more biscuits, so our breakfast is becoming consistent, if probably not very healthy. I must get back into eating fruit for breakfast again. Or porridge. Or more fish oil. I don’t know.

Anyway, the day went past, and then the evening. I saw an email from our architect that there’s more changes to be made to the design of the renovation, so hopefully that makes things cheaper. Let’s see…

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