Daddy Daughter Day

I slept through my alarm and had to spring from bed, rushing to get dressed and down to the fitness club in Ballard for my morning swim. Somehow I managed to defrost the windscreen of the car and get into the pool within 15 minutes, which shows you don’t need to get out of bed early to get up early.

I did 12 lengths of the pool, a bit slower than last time, but I didn’t stop or sink to the bottom of the pool. By 7:30 I’d showered and got back in the car, and was on my way back to eat pancakes with the girls.

We’d planned a day for Destroyer and I to hang out together. We started by getting my cargo bike out of the basement and riding up to a coffee shop on Phinney Ridge. I hadn’t realised quite how damn cold it was. I wished I’d worn boots, or thicker socks, or something. Anyway, I drank my coffee, and then we rode back, down a vaguely terrifying hill.

Destroyer and I played a game of Blitz Bowl (the lightweight version of Blood Bowl) and she beat me 5-4. Then we played a proper game of Blood Bowl on the computer, before the whole family went out to Little Coney, down on the beach by Golden Gardens. There were three police cars and a bunch of fire trucks there – it looked like something bad had happened to somebody in the water. We ate up, then headed off, La Serpiente and my wife going to a book shop while I took Destroyer to see ‘Eggy’.

‘Eggy’ is a radar dome in Discovery Park, visible from the cliffs above Golden Gardens, which Destroyer often saw when we went there for snacks. We drove as close to it as we could (it’s within a private community now) then hiked it to take a few photos. Destroyer demanded to climb on a play area that a resident then told us was private, and then we cleared off home.

We had a short stop to check the local toy shop, then back home. By now my eyes were rotating backwards in my head, and I wanted a rest, but the kids demanded I run around with them in the park. It wasn’t so bad: Destroyer was cheerful all day, and didn’t rage at all. A good day.

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