Daughter-daughter afternoon

I’ve signed La Serpiente up for a four week climbing course that starts in three weeks time, but I didn’t want to be rushing to fill in paperwork at the last minute, so this afternoon we both went over to the venue, Climb Central in the Kallang Wave mall. The wall is literally right in the middle of the mall, and I hadn’t realised exactly how enraptured La Serpiente would be. We spent a good ten minutes with her just staring from the balcony at all the climbers, before we went downstairs to sign her up.
Her constant focus on the wall didn’t stop there. She was just now at ground level, rather than reviewing people’s progress from part way up. Plus, we got her to try on some climbing shoes, so we knew her size for the upcoming class, and if there was ever anything better than shoes for La Serpiente, it would have to be light blue climbing shoes with pictures of badgers on them. The photo hardly gives the incandescent glow of joy on her face justice.

Afterwards, we went upstairs and watched a woman climbing a high wall. Yet again, La Serpiente was rapt with attention. She wasn’t fidgeting or trying to run off, just focused on watching how the woman moved up and across the wall.

And then we went and both tried on hats in a shop, until she said she wanted her sister to have one too, and I balked at $80 on unexpected fripperies. Instead, we went to Starbucks where she had the first chocolate danish of her life, and I had a hot chocolate that set my stomach awry for the rest of the day.

This mission complete, we took the subway to Bugis, to the Battle Bunker, or, as I described it to La Serpiente, a toy shop for adults. "But you don’t have any toys" La Serpiente said, ignorant of my collection of Space Marines in a box somewhere in my parents’ house.

I priced and weighed a copy of Blood Bowl (super heavy, it turns out) and then we rushed over to meet the rest of the family at the National Library. No complaints about my poor snack strategy, no protests about either going to or being pulled away from the Battle Bunker, and what might be the start of a lifetime obsession with climbing. All in all, a pretty good afternoon.

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